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Your surroundings can have a big impact on how you feel. For many years, I didn't realise how unhappy the landscaping around my home was making me. It had been a lovely space when we bought the house but over the years, my husband and I had let the trees, shrubs and lawn fall into ruin. One day, I realised that I had to do something about the situation so I called in a team of professional landscaping contractors. They helped me to plan and carry out work on my property. I am so happy with the results that I decided to start a blog.


Will Hydro Mulch Make an Ideal Solution for Your Landscape?

4 December 2020
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If your landscape is patchy or, worse yet, completely bare, you could be wondering when would be the best time to replant the turf since it is a time-consuming process. But what you may be unaware of is that traditional replanting is no longer the only option available. Although usually associated with commercial landscaping, hydro mulching is steadily becoming a top solution for many homeowners due to the variety of benefits it offers. Read More …

Critical Considerations When Buying a Lawn Turf

24 July 2020
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Lawns are not only beautiful sights to behold, but they also enable homeowners and their families to unwind and enjoy the surrounding view. Notably, Australia's demanding environment can make turf selection a difficult task. With multiple turf types, colours and textures available in the market, making the right call can be confusing. However, choosing a type of turf when you know what you want is less challenging. Most importantly, focus on the type of lawn, natural elements and maintenance requirements when selecting lawn turf for the best results. Read More …