Will Hydro Mulch Make an Ideal Solution for Your Landscape?

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Will Hydro Mulch Make an Ideal Solution for Your Landscape?

4 December 2020
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If your landscape is patchy or, worse yet, completely bare, you could be wondering when would be the best time to replant the turf since it is a time-consuming process. But what you may be unaware of is that traditional replanting is no longer the only option available. Although usually associated with commercial landscaping, hydro mulching is steadily becoming a top solution for many homeowners due to the variety of benefits it offers. Nonetheless, what is it? This process is carried out by professional hydro mulching suppliers and entails the spraying a mixture of fertiliser, water, mulch and a binding agent onto the landscape via specialised equipment. Below are a few reasons why hydro mulching makes an ideal solution for your landscape's turf needs.

Premium quality turf

One of the major advantages that hydro mulching offers over sod is the guaranteed turf quality for your lawn. This process not only works to ensure that the roots implant deep into the ground, but this also ensures that there is minimal risk of seeds migrating away from their intended location. The resulting coverage is both this and even, ensuring a lush and verdant landscape. As a bonus, the deep-seated nature of the roots also makes hydro mulching exceptionally suited to slopes, as the turf will not be vulnerable to erosion. Therefore, you can invest in hydro mulching for your entire property without having to worry about steep inclines being a waste of money.

Startlingly cost-efficient

Considering that growing beautiful grass is an aspiration that most homeowners have, it can be easy to assume enlisting the services of a hydro mulching supplier will cost an arm and a leg, but you will be surprised. When compared to sod, hydro-mulch is substantially more affordable. This economical price tag makes it highly suited to homeowners contemplating lawn establishment on an expansive property. The second reason why hydro mulching is a cost-efficient alternative is reduced labour costs. The hydro mulching equipment is easy to operate so the process does not involve arduous labour that would inflate your overall expenses.

Remarkably robust

The third reason why you should invest in hydro mulching over sod for lawn establishment is the guaranteed robustness that this turf solution offers you. One aspect of sod that you should be wary of is its increased risk of transplantation trauma that it is under. In some scenarios, the transportation of the sod from its original site to your lawn can lead to shock. Subsequently, the turf will not establish once it is installed on your lawn, translating into a waste of precious time. Hydro mulching, conversely, utilises your landscape as the original site so the turf has a better chance of thriving.

To get started on your landscape project, reach out to a local hydro-mulch supplier.