Critical Considerations When Buying a Lawn Turf

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Critical Considerations When Buying a Lawn Turf

24 July 2020
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Lawns are not only beautiful sights to behold, but they also enable homeowners and their families to unwind and enjoy the surrounding view. Notably, Australia's demanding environment can make turf selection a difficult task. With multiple turf types, colours and textures available in the market, making the right call can be confusing. However, choosing a type of turf when you know what you want is less challenging. Most importantly, focus on the type of lawn, natural elements and maintenance requirements when selecting lawn turf for the best results.

Maintenance Requirements -- While owning a lawn is a joy to most homeowners, maintaining the turf is a different ballgame altogether. You should pay close attention to the time, energy and money required to maintain a lawn throughout the year. Notably, some turfs like Kikuyu grass are high maintenance and demand more inputs such as water and frequent mowing. On the other hand, certain grass types only require a little sprucing and watering, for example, Buffalo turf. If you have the money and time, you can invest in high maintenance turf; however, go for low maintenance turfs if you have a tight budget and a busy schedule.

Natural Elements -- The high heat levels in Australia are worth considering before investing in a grass turf for your lawn. With most parts of the world experiencing water scarcity, planting drought-resistant turfs is not only commendable but sustainable. For example, Rhizomatous Tall Fescue demands more water and is not ideal for dry areas. In contrast, Buffalo turf can survive in areas with limited groundwater. Additionally, research about your soil characteristic and pH before investing in turf to increase the chances of success. Fortunately, most turf suppliers have in-house experts who can provide the right advice on the best performing varieties for your home area.

Turf Type -- The type of lawn turf you choose has a significant bearing on cost, durability, and maintenance requirements. In areas with a scorching sun, planting grass that can withstand high temperatures is highly advised. Besides, such grass varieties can make do with limited groundwater. Notably, a drought-resistant lawn type enables you to achieve the perfect green view while saving on water costs. In this regard, Kikuyu grass is a popular option in Australia since it is hardy and soft at the same time. Most importantly, Kikuyu turf is exceptionally adaptable and can thrive in areas with poor soils. Also, the grass variety is cheap and suitable for large compounds with high foot traffic.

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