How To Plan the Landscaping Outside Your Commercial Property

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How To Plan the Landscaping Outside Your Commercial Property

11 November 2021
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If you have a large commercial building that stands alone in its own plot, you need to pay attention to the surrounding area. You'll want to make sure that you create the best impression to bolster your brand and good image, and most companies in your situation will opt for a nice, grass lawn. Yet, it can be tricky to keep this green paradise in tiptop condition, and you certainly need to avoid using resources inefficiently. What is your best approach in this situation?

Plan for Success

Firstly, make sure that you are aware of the soil composition before you begin to plant your landscaping. Some types of soil are far more absorbent than others, and this will also dictate what type of grass you choose for your project. In this situation, you are best advised to choose hardy grass that can survive in all conditions. It'll be far less likely to degrade if it gets particularly hot.

Setting Everything Up

Once you have chosen the type of lawn, make sure that it is professionally installed. The sod will need to be planted as soon as you receive it to make sure that the grass can survive the trauma. However, before you introduce those sods, you will need to think about the irrigation system.

Best Irrigation System

Consider installing a sprinkler system with your pipes placed at certain intervals apart. You should consult with a landscaper and irrigation expert to make sure that the matrix of pipes is sufficient to handle the size of the lawn in question.

If you have clay soil, you will need to adjust your sprinkler schedule so that you do not overwater and waste. Clay can only absorb a certain amount, and the rest will just run off and flow out into the street instead.

Sprinkler Types

You can get different types of sprinklers as well. The size of the nozzle will vary, but make sure that it can function well without too much attention. Normally, these sprinkler heads will move up and down and will displace a protective cover as they spring into action. You need to make sure that your lawn care team do not damage any of these heads, so they can continue to function when scheduled. Otherwise, you may not notice when one sprinkler head is defective until that patch of grass begins to die.

Matching Rates

Again, talk with an irrigation expert and a landscaping supplier to set up that all-important schedule. You will need to match the rate of water application to the ability of the soil to absorb. You may need to adjust the water pressure as well to get everything set up perfectly.

Company Curb Appeal

Remember, the condition of your lawn may dictate your company's curb appeal. As you need to make the best impression possible, choose both your lawn and commercial sprinkler system carefully and configure them properly before you begin.