Two Money-Saving Tips For Those Who Want To Get Their Gardens Landscaped

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Two Money-Saving Tips For Those Who Want To Get Their Gardens Landscaped

12 October 2022
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Here are two money-saving tips for people who plan to have a landscaping company make over their garden.

They should ask the landscaping company to work with the garden's existing layout

One way property owners can save money when having their gardens landscaped is by having the landscaping company work with the garden's existing layout, rather than trying to make drastic changes to it. For example, the property owner could have the landscaping team leave their garden's existing flowerbeds where they are, rather than transplanting them to the other side of the garden. They could then ask them to switch out the flower varieties and add some new edging to these beds. This would give the flowerbed area a fresh new look but would require less labour than transplanting the beds to another area before adding new varieties and new edging and so would lower the labour costs of the landscaping work.

Similarly, if the property owner has a garden path and wants it to lead to a new feature (such as a gazebo) that they plan to add to the garden, then they should ask the landscapers to keep it where it is and simply add an additional forked path onto it that leads to this gazebo. This would require less work (and, therefore, be cheaper) than having all of the path's paving stones lifted up and moved to form a new path elsewhere in the garden.

They should source recyclable, discarded materials for some of the landscaping work

Another way that property owners can keep their landscaping projects affordable is by sourcing recyclable, discarded materials for some of the landscaping work. For example, if they visit demolition sites, they may be able to get permission from the owners of the demolished buildings to take away some of the bricks. Their landscaping team could then use these bricks to make the edging for the garden's lawn or its flowerbeds.

Similarly, if they put an ad in their local paper, which states that they're looking for some landscaping materials, other people in their area who might be, for example, having trees removed from their properties, might be willing to donate the felled trees to the property owner (as this would allow them to avoid paying to have the felled tree removed). The property owner could then have their landscaping team use this wood to make some of the new features, such as a retaining wall or a wooden arched trellis.

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