Two Mistakes People Make When They Take on Their First Landscaping Project

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Two Mistakes People Make When They Take on Their First Landscaping Project

14 May 2021
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Below are two common mistakes people make when they take on their first landscaping project.

They don't consider the length of time it'll take for certain plants to reach maturation

Some people will insist that their landscaper order seeds or young plants, without considering how long it will take those plants to reach maturation. This can result in several sections of their garden looking empty and unfinished for months or even years. If the person who has made this error gets fed up with waiting to see these plants grow bigger and bloom, they will then have to uproot the half-grown plants and transplant fully-grown plants — or young seedlings that will grow very quickly — into that soil.

To avoid this extra work and expense and to ensure that they don't have to wait too long to begin enjoying the landscaped garden's beauty after they and their landscaper are finished working on it, it's best for those embarking on this type of project to consider this issue when choosing their plants. If they are determined to include a few slow-growing varieties, they should alternate these with faster-growing plants when they plant them so that no area of their garden ends up looking bare for months on end.

They don't think about where in their garden they prefer to spend time

The other blunder people make is not considering where in their garden they prefer to spend time. Instead, they may simply put in features based on how beautiful they'll look in certain areas. For example, they might get their landscaper to build a pond in their garden's sunniest spot, because they think the pond water will sparkle beautifully in the sunlight, without considering the fact that they then won't be able to sit or dine in this spot on sunny days.

As such, it's important for those in this situation to make sure that they landscape their garden in a way that not only makes it beautiful but which also allows them to fully utilise its best parts. In the aforementioned example, it might be better for the person to get that area paved so they could set up a dining area in it (and thus use and enjoy it on sunny days) but to then place a water fountain in the centre of the paving so that they could still have an attractive water feature in this section.

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