Insight into the Proper Application of Hydroseeding

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Insight into the Proper Application of Hydroseeding

12 September 2019
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Whether it is through water or wind, soil erosion can damage the landscape of any property if the elements are not controlled. This is especially the case if your property is on a slope where water and wind can easily wash away the topsoil. However, while there are various ways you can control erosion, hydroseeding offers an excellent solution. Nonetheless, you can only enjoy the benefits of hydroseeding erosion control if you use the correct application techniques. Read on for tips in this regard.

Apply before Summer -- Timing is of the essence when you decide to go with hydroseeding as your preferred erosion control method. While hydroseeding can be performed at any time of the year, it is recommended that homeowners apply the spray seeds just before the summer heat. This practice allows the covering to trap in enough moisture before the summer heat sets in. If you wait until summer to hydroseed, the ground will lose most of its moisture; therefore, you will be forced to water the soil to replace the moisture. Additionally, water that is present in the mulch mixture in the summer will not have time to sink into the soil because the heat from the sun will cause the water to evaporate fast. Consequently, the vegetation will not grow accordingly for proper control of soil erosion.

Spray Evenly -- When applying mulch on your landscape, it is easy to go over the area with a rake and level out sections with too much mulch. However, if you go with hydroseeding as a soil erosion control initiative, you need to be careful with the application process. The last thing you want to do is overspray one area with spray seeds while missing other areas, because you cannot use a rake to level the grains. The only way you can manage the situation is to focus on your spraying pattern. Most importantly, you should maintain a steady spray pattern so that every section receives approximately the same amount of spray grass seeds. This ensures that soil particles are held together uniformly, which controls erosion.

Spray Perpendicular to the Ground -- When spraying bio-organics such as spray grass seeds, it is vital to direct the hose directly to the ground. Some people get hydroseeding techniques wrong by holding the spraying hose horizontal to the ground. This sprays the seeds forward, thereby exposing them to wind displacement. Consequently, you end up with a patchy-looking landscape that is both an eyesore and doesn't control erosion efficiently. However, if you spray the mulch mixture directly towards the ground, you reduce the chances of the seeds falling far from their intended area. This also ensures you cover a more significant area over a limited time with the right amount of spray seed mixture.