Top Tips For Landscaping With Roses

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Top Tips For Landscaping With Roses

31 December 2018
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At the start of a new year, it is timely to remember the old proverb, "Take time to smell the roses." Creating a garden oasis that is relaxing and enjoyable to be in is one way you can embrace this proverb. As a rose lover who is ready to reshape the landscape design of your home, growing roses means you can tackle the proverb both literally and figuratively. Consequently, use these two top tips to ensure your rose garden landscaping design is perfect for your property.

Rose Varieties

As a lover of roses, you already know there is a multitude of varieties available for purchase. Your sole decision right now is which variety works best in your landscape plan. For example, if you have retaining walls, a trellis or pergolas in your garden, then you need the climbing rose. When first planted, you do need to train them to climb in a particular direction, and you do this using planting stakes in rock gardens or by tying them to the trellis or pergola. Alternatively, if you are looking for a big burst of colour on flat ground, choose a rose shrub. The shrub grows dense and thick, which also makes them a perfect choice in areas where you need greenery growing to provide privacy.

Successful Growth Tips

Once you know what varieties you intend to plant, then you need to know the top tips for achieving maximum growth potential. These tips include:

  • preparing the soil by adding fine gravel to allow maximum water drainage as roses do not grow well in constant wet soil
  • being sure to space your roses out as they do not like to be planted close together; this is particularly true of the shrub rose which needs at least a metre between each bush so it can spread out
  • having a landscape design which does not place your new roses in the shade of trees or buildings as roses love the sun
  • having a way to deep water the roses at least once a week; this changes to twice-weekly in hot, dry areas like Queensland

Have a talk with your local landscaper about your desire to include plenty of roses in your new garden landscape garden plan. They have advice on which roses work best in your particular climate, and also the best planting locations for these stunning plants. Once you have decided variety and garden location, then you can get on with getting your new roses in the ground before autumn arrives.