What to Consider When Shopping for Artificial Turf

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What to Consider When Shopping for Artificial Turf

20 March 2018
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For people residing in water-scarce areas, installing an artificial turf lawn makes better sense than natural lawn installation. As a natural lawn may lose its lush green colour because of water scarcity, fake turf will retain its initial look without the need for watering.

With a wide variety of artificial turf products being sold on the landscaping market, selecting the best turf for your artificial lawn can be rather confusing. But that needn't be so.

Here's a look at some key aspects to consider when choosing artificial turf for your residential lawn.

Longevity of the grass

Installing an artificial lawn is a big investment, so you will naturally want to get maximum service life from the investment. There's a variety of fake turf that are suitable for low-use yards as well as families with playful kids and pets. Either way, you will need to choose artificial grasses that can last. 

A particularly vital aspect to think through is the quality of materials used to make the turf you want to install in your yard. If your turf is going to be subjected to heavy usage, for example, it is important to invest in a product that has been made using the sturdiest and most hard-wearing yarns.

Length and thickness of the grass

Not all artificial turf products are the same length. Some products have lush, longer blades, while others have shorter blades to give a neater, well-manicured look. Whichever product you choose, you won't need to cut the grass! The thickness of the grass you select also matters. If you want a posh-looking lawn, you should select thick turf. For a neater, well-kept appearance, choose a less dense artificial grass. Choosing the right lengths and densities of grass is vital to giving your lawn a truly natural look.

Colour of the grass

Whether you like it or not, the turf you choose for your yard will impact the kerb appeal of your home. Artificial turf products come in different shades of colour, from natural-look grasses made to look greener-than-green to those that incorporate a little brown colour to give a more realistic look and anything that falls in between. The choice is yours to make!

Ultimately, the best turf for your artificial lawn is one that fulfills your exact needs. If you need help choosing artificial turf that is right for you, feel free to speak to a synthetic lawn expert.