Two Tips for Those Who Want to Carry Out a Garden Landscaping Project

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Two Tips for Those Who Want to Carry Out a Garden Landscaping Project

5 January 2018
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If you have decided to give your garden a makeover, here are some tips which you may find useful.

Use high-quality topsoil

Topsoil, as the name itself implies, is the topmost, surface-level soil layer. This nutrient-rich substance helps to encourage the growth of healthy plants. As such, if your landscaping project will involve the creation of flowerbeds or a lawn, you should consider purchasing a few bags of this product.

It is not a good idea to choose a brand of topsoil at random, as they are not all of equal quality. It is important, for example, to ensure that the one you end up purchasing is thoroughly screened, so that no large weeds, sticks, roots and stones remain.

If you opt for unscreened topsoil, you may struggle to keep any flowers or shrubs that you plant in it alive and healthy, as the 'extras' can act as physical barriers that prevent plants from accessing and absorbing the soil's moisture and nutrients.

Nitro topsoil is one example of a brand of topsoil which is carefully screened and is therefore almost entirely free of bulky contaminants. Such topsoil also has the added benefit of being low-odour, which means that the process of laying it will not be too unpleasant.

Seek help from a professional landscaper

Whilst it may be possible to carry out the entire landscaping project by yourself, with the aid of advice found in gardening magazines and online landscaping tutorials, it still might be worth hiring a professional landscaper to help you with this challenging process.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, a professional landscaper will have access to a wide range of powerful gardening tools and equipment (such as commercial-grade trimmers, leaf blowers and motorised edgers) which you may not be able to otherwise obtain. These items could make all the difference to the speed with which the project is completed and the quality of the end results.

Secondly, hiring a professional of this kind will make the process of designing your new outdoor space considerably easier. They can offer expert advice on which shrubs and flowers are most likely to thrive in the type of soil found in your property, and can assist you with choosing a layout and outdoor lighting plan that suits your personal needs and lifestyle. This is the type of customised advice could make all the difference to how much you enjoy your new garden.