Common Landscaping Mistakes Commercial Property Owners Should Avoid

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Common Landscaping Mistakes Commercial Property Owners Should Avoid

13 December 2017
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There is more to commercial landscaping than an impeccable lawn and lush plants. Whenever you see a well-laid landscape in front of a commercial building, just remember that a lot of planning went into achieving the end product. However, while commercial property owners tend to concentrate on their premises, they should be reminded that they stand to benefit immensely if they make the outside landscape just as beautiful as the insides of a building. It can only be achieved if you avoid some common landscaping mistakes, and this article has attempted to highlight a few.

Ignoring Traffic Flow

When landscaping the front of your commercial building, it is critical to put into consideration the flow of traffic for both people and vehicles. For instance, if there are lots of people going in and out of the building at any given time, it does not make sense to create several paths across the front landscape. The reason is that the magnitude of people and cars will generate visibility issues, defeating the purpose of having a beautiful landscape. However, if pavements leading to and from the building are located away from the centre of the front lawn, then you make the scene more visible, thereby achieving its aesthetic purpose.

Not Providing Room for Growth

Once you are done with landscaping and trees, shrubs and flowers all look beautiful against perfectly manicured grass, then you can think of sitting back and enjoying the view. However, what most property owners forget is that landscaping is dynamic, and as nature dictates, the shrubs and trees must be given enough room to grow. Therefore, planting shrubs and flowers too close to each other will give rise to an overcrowded lawn, a sight that will not be easy on the eyes. Most importantly, make sure that when planting, you leave enough room for plants to grow freely both upward and outwards.

Neglecting Paving Requirements

Pavement is part and parcel of a commercial building's landscape. You must take great caution when choosing what material you want to use for walkways and other paved areas. You need paving materials, such as concrete, that can easily stand up to heavy foot traffic and are easy to maintain. Additionally, your paving choices need to provide a certain level of traction, both when it's wet and dry, to ensure people can make it to your building safely. Make sure that whichever material you settle on will adequately meet your paving needs.

Work with a commercial landscape service to ensure your property looks its best.