Which Mower For Sale Should You Consider For Your Yard?

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Which Mower For Sale Should You Consider For Your Yard?

12 December 2017
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A mower is not a piece of equipment that you would want to purchase over and over again. Thus, some thought and consideration have to go into which mower would be ideal for your yard rather than just buying the first one that you come across. However, the mistake homeowners make is placing their focus on brands and pricing, rather than basing their decision on the functionality of the mower as well as added features that would ease the mowing process. To make it easier for you, here are some of the broad categories of mowers that you could consider depending on your specific needs.

Manual mowers

These types of mowers are also referred to as reel mowers. They are the oldest style of lawn mowers and tend to be a ubiquitous option in Australian households. There are a few benefits of investing in this push mower. For starts, since it does not have a motor it does not contribute to any environmental pollution. Secondly, a reel mower is also noiseless, so you do not have to worry about bothering your neighbours when maintaining your yard. Lastly, it is one of the cheapest options in the market, making it suitable for homeowners looking for something modestly priced to do the job. The main drawback of a manual lawn mower is that operating it can be quite tedious. Thus, it would be best suited for a small yard rather than people with an expansive lawn.

Gas mowers

Modern gas mowers are nothing like their ancient counterparts that would sputter plumes of smoke whenever they are in operation. The new-age mowers are fuel efficient and quite powerful, making them a convenient option for people with an extensive yard that they would like to maintain. Additionally, they are also extremely durable as long as you do not operate them with dirty fuel.

Electric mowers

If you would like an eco-conscious lawn mower but do not want to overexert yourself when trimming your lawn, an electric corded mower would be a good choice. These models are fitted with an electrical cord that you plug into your power source and get on with your yard maintenance. Some of the additional features that corded mowers come with include a mulch bag and even the ability to discharge cuttings out the side of the equipment. Nonetheless, there are some cons that you should be aware of. For some people, manoeuvring the lawn mower with a cord can prove frustrating, as you would have to ensure you do not end up cutting it by mistake. Secondly, you can only mow as far as the cord can extend, you would have to bear in mind the dimensions of your yard before purchasing this equipment.