How to Select the Best Lawn Edger

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How to Select the Best Lawn Edger

12 December 2017
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Maintaining your yard can become easier if you add a lawn edger to your set of equipment. This article discusses the key attributes that you should consider while narrowing down your options as you shop for an edger.

The Power Source

Lawn edgers can be powered by electricity, batteries or petrol. Each has their unique benefits. For example, the electric version is environmentally friendly. However, its range is limited by the length of the cord that connects it to the power outlet. Petrol-powered lawn edgers offer you a better operating range but they can be heavy due to the fuel within the tank. Weigh all the power options and select what suits you.

Blade Positions

Lawn edgers can also be differentiated in terms of how many blade positions they have. The blade positions allow you to adjust how deep the blade should cut while you work. More positions mean that you have more options about the proportion of the grass that you can cut. It is therefore advisable to select a lawn edger with several blade positions so that you can have the liberty to adjust it according to the circumstances.

The Weight

No one wants to have a tool that they will be unable to use. It is wise for you to try out a lawn edger before you buy it so that you confirm that it will not be too heavy for you. Several factors usually contribute to making a lawn edger heavy. For example, the size of the fuel tank can increase the weight of the machine because of the weight of the fuel stored. Secondly, the size of the engine also contributes to the weight of the machine. Don't buy an edger intended for commercial purposes if you want to use it at home. The commercial versions have heavy engines that will make the machine very heavy for you.

Safety Features

You should also select a lawn edger with the best safety features on the market. For example, buy an edger that has a blade guard so that the cuttings don't fly into your face. Cord locks are also good on electric edgers because they prevent the electric cord from being pulled off the machine as you work.

Examine different models of edgers and compare them based on the factors above. Select the model/make that has the best combination of the features covered in the discussion. Consult the supplier in case the model you want has a feature that you don't understand.