4 Tips for Planting and Maintaining Buffalo Grass on Your Lawn

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4 Tips for Planting and Maintaining Buffalo Grass on Your Lawn

7 December 2017
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Turf areas such as lawns could use buffalo grass because of the ease of planting and low-maintenance regimen. That is why cheap buffalo turf is described as dependable, rugged, and hardy. Over the years, the grass will remain low, requiring little mowing, fertilising and watering when compared to other lawn grasses. Here are some top tips to help homeowners grow and maintain buffalo turf on their lawns.

Sunshine is Key -- Buffalo grass needs direct sunlight in the range of 6 to 8 hours every day. The sunlight is integral to giving the grass that healthy and green appearance. Therefore, ensure that there is no light-disrupting shade around your lawn. If you have too many shady areas in your garden, then you will start seeing hideous patches because buffalo grass that does not receive adequate light will begin to die off. Notably, you might have to sacrifice shrubs or trees if you want a beautiful buffalo lawn. However, if the shade is minimal, you might want to reseed after some time to maintain the consistency of your yard.

Weeding -- Before planting buffalo grass, especially during spring when the soil is warm, prepare your lawn adequately by weeding. You don't want your grass to be choked up by all kinds of weeds that will compete with buffalo grass for nutrients, rain and sunlight. Use herbicides to kill all the weeds and remove those below the surface by tilling the soil lightly. You can then water the area to allow the weeds to come to the surface so that you can remove them before planting buffalo grass.

Watering The Grass -- For proper germination of buffalo grass, growers are encouraged to water the lawn daily in the first week of planting. As the grass starts to germinate, you need to reduce the frequency of watering to at least to twice a week. As summer months approach, your buffalo grass will have retained enough water to be tolerant to drier temperatures.

Mowing Height -- Even though buffalo grass does not require regular maintenance, you need to mow the lawn from time to time just to give it aesthetic appeal. In this sense, use a brush cutter or trimmer during summer to keep the grass low. Shade, watering frequency and thatch development determine the mowing height. A good rule of thumb is to cut high in shaded areas and low in the regions that are exposed to direct sunlight since you do not want to kill your lawn by mowing too low.