Arranging Professional Cleaning of Your Stonework

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Arranging Professional Cleaning of Your Stonework

29 November 2017
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Stonework can be found in many places. From beautiful and ornate statues adding interest to landscaped gardens to flagstones set in patios, this type of feature is centuries old and yet never goes out of fashion. If you have stonework installed anywhere on your property you will need to arrange stonework cleaning at regular intervals to keep your features looking their very best. Stone can be susceptible to the elements and this can make it look dull, mouldy and dirty.

The good news is that a professional stone cleaning company can bring your stone features back to life and get them looking like new once more. 

How Often to Arrange Stonework Cleaning

How often you arrange cleaning of your stone features largely depends on a number of factors. The location of your stonework will usually be the most defining factor. For example, stone features on the front of your home or in elevated areas will be more exposed to wind, rain and sun, while flagstones that sit under a sheltered area will largely be protected from the elements. Look out for dirt starting to build up on your stonework. This could be in the form of mould, bird droppings or generalised grime. All can be removed easily by a professional stone cleaning service. 

The Safe Alternative to Cleaning Your Own Stonework

Whether your stone features sit at height or are at ground level, arranging professional cleaning is the safest option and also the most effective. Professional stone cleaners will use industrial solutions, the right equipment and years of experience to get your stone looking as good as new. They can also sand down areas that may need more attention and give you advice on any areas that need more extensive repair. 

Domestic & Commercial Stonework

Most stone cleaning companies offer comprehensive services for both domestic and commercial properties. You can choose to arrange a one-off clean or more regular cleaning in areas where there is high traffic or more exposure to the elements than normal.

There are also solutions that can be applied to your stonework that can repel surface dirt and keep your features looking their best between cleans. Applying these can be a worthwhile investment and will ensure your stonework continues to give you many years of enjoyment. Of course, it is very important that you choose a reputable company with years of experience. Look online or seek recommendations from friends, family or business peers.